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Hemp Rope Dog Pull Toy w/ Antler Chew
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Dogs love our antlers. Dogs also love our Hemp Rope Dog Pull Toy with Antler Chews too. Made from natural hemp rope. Hemp is digestible unlike many of the common chews made from vinyl ropes or cotton blends. This is the perfect chew toy.

Hemp rope toys for dogs are the perfect chew toy for cleaning teeth. They also help to message the gums. What makes this rope toy even more special is the addition of our high quality antler chews which not only acts as a convenient handle for either you or your dog, but also adds additional nutritional value. Antler chews are nature’s perfect chew for small and large dogs. Cut from 100% North American shed deer or elk antler. No animals are harmed in the collection of our antlers. They provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium for your pet. They support bone, joint & muscle health. Non-allergenic and 100% natural, odor free.

And....they last much longer than traditional chews.

We are asked from time to time if the hemp rope will make dogs high. The answer is no. Hemp is not like its cousin plant and will not get a dog or a human high. You might find that your dog might start wearing a peace sign and sandals though!

Your dog will love Buckey Chew Pulls. Give one to your dog today and enjoy quality time with your pet - together “playing tug a war” or just letting your pet “have at it” and chew away on this excellent, natural pull toy! Available in both small and large sizes for both small and large dogs.
Hemp Rope Dog Pull Toy w/ Antler Chew
  • Completely digestible
  • Excellent source for vitamins & minerals
  • Excellent for teeth & coat
  • Helps maintain joints & kidneys
  • Non-allergenic and 100% natural
  • Collected and cut in North America
  • Pets love them!
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BuckyBites All Natural Antler Chews are pet treats for dogs. They last longer than regular dog chews and provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium.
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